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iipher FAQ

What are there differences between payments through this store and other platforms?
Different payment platforms charge different amounts for things such as using credit cards or currency conversion. Payments processed through our website can be configured to use the best value payment platform. Some platforms restrict how a user can make purchases in our app and do not always offer good value for money, due to exchange rates and payment processing fees.

As a result you will see differences between payment platforms. Always check the iipher store to see the latest prices

I've forgotten my username
You can request that we send you an email with your username here

How do you handle payments?
All payments are powered by Stripe.
Stripe is a PCI level-1 compliant service, which is the highest security rating available. For more information visit their website

Why are only USD payments available?
In the intial development a single currency is the simpliest solution, as demand rises additional currencies will be added.

What happens if there is an issue with my payment?
Contact us at [email protected]. We will assist you in either finalising the pamyent so that you recieve all credit you are entitled to or refund the payment.